by Ultra Deluxe

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Here is my debut EP. Thank you so much for listening.


released July 31, 2017

All music written and performed by Max Narotzky

Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Jonathon Maisto at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, NJ

Album art by Max Narotzky



all rights reserved


Ultra Deluxe New York, New York

ultra deluxe is the solo work of max narotzky. he loves you for listening <3

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Track Name: Skirmish
A Quarter more
We say enough's enough
But they need lightning ports

Swiping forward
Can only do so much
When Deblasio's brownstone has single stream pick up

The blue bikes go all the way to journal square
But the Cypress Stompers see restriction everywhere

The yellow line
Goes up but not to far
Just enough to see Pollock then skip stones at the reservoir

Never sleep
Never die
15 minutes
Single ride

Yellow cards
Blue text
Broken lifts
Only steps
Track Name: Reinventing Your Life
Bodies stuck
In the thick tar
Sinews stiff
And unrelenting
But who am I to comment on the sullen state
When I should just stop lamenting

Why can't you think outside yourself for once you selfish child

By the turnstile
So much time is wasted
Expose your skin
And determine what is vile
When all you see are snow capped mountains

You think its a choice well you're wrong
Track Name: Tripping Area
In solidarity
We converse
With forked tongues
Sunlight burn our sweaty brows
And drenches our tarnished skin

Backwards and forwards our reign cannot be undone
Our hope springs like the rising sun
Track Name: Professional Development
7:30 on a Tuesday
Waiting for the bell
not quite lucid
Ibrahima speaks with a twisted tongue
all work no play have no fun

Large expansive chrome by the docks
sign more kids
buy more stocks
their minds
our property
electric shocks
no broker fee

sign up
enlist today
take more time
to make the poor pay
squander the charts
squander the minds
fresh meat concrete stuck in grime

in the streets
and the schools
well this all
seems quite foul
talking heads
know what's best
more graphite palms
and less conversation